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ABOUT YOUR EXPERT and Co-Founder: Kendal Stewart, MD

Though it may seem unorthodox for a highly trained surgeon to go into the business of finding medical therapeutics to alter the course of nervous and immune system disorders and hormonal recovery, Dr. Stewart has spent years making his previous surgical expertise less of a necessity and more of a way to provide treatment protocols through modern medicine and cutting edge nutritional products. He completed his formal medical education in Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Texas at Houston/MD Anderson Hospital System and continued his training with a fellowship in Neurotology/Skull Base Surgery from Baylor University Medical Center. His medical focus is on providing diagnostic testing and protocols for altering or reversing the progression of neuro-immune syndromes through modern medicine and genetically targeted nutrition.

His background includes extensive training in neurological, neurosurgical and sensory related areas. He has extensive clinical experience with treating thousands of children with autism along with adults who are suffering from these syndromes. He has been practicing in the Austin area since 1994.

Dr. Stewart’s research issues are specifically related to the objective diagnosis and treatment of nervous system and immune system function and processing/sensory integration disorders. He has held an associate professor position at the University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio. Dr. Stewart has authored many publications on spectrum disorders, vestibular and balance related issues and has been granted two medical related patents regarding diagnosis and treatment methodologies.

Currently, his practice involves the medical treatment of neuro-immune disorders that include autism, vertigo, imbalance, dizziness, migraines, chronic headaches, hearing loss, speech delay, neuro-sensory developmental delay, clumsiness, seizures, tics, Tourette’s, PANDAS, cognitive disorders, neuropathies, neuralgias, and complicated immunological disorders.

Dr. Kendal Stewart also serves as lead formulator and Chief Medical Officer for Neurobiologix Supplements /

ABOUT YOUR HOST and Co Founder: Kara Stewart-Mullens | CEO of Neurobiologix

Kara Stewart-Mullens is a Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Neurobiologix Supplements. Along with a team of medical professionals and Dr. Stewart, she worked diligently to release formulas to serve a specific market they felt was lacking support. With products first designed for the autism community, they have now expanded their product line to help those of all ages who suffer from methylation issues, neuro-immune syndromes and genetic mutations (SNPs) through the aid of nutrition. With over 25+ years experience in sales, marketing and product development, Mrs. Stewart-Mullens is now excited to say that she has finally found her purpose in life. The gift of providing quality and clean nutrition to consumers and practitioners is what she is most proud of.

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