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Why Mental Issues Are Increasing & What Is Going On Post Pandemic

In this episode we discuss with Dr. Stewart the increase in depression, PTSD and other mental issues among adults but also the sudden increase among our youth. 1 in 5 children will experience a mental illness in a lifetime.

Dr. Stewart guides us with ways to take back control of your family’s mental health and your own. We also discuss how nutrition and nutrigenomic testing can give us a better understanding of what we need nutritionally so we can take care of our brain and bodies and inhibit mental issues in the future.

In this episode we discuss the following with Dr. Stewart:

  • Why some people get PTSD more than others after a triggering event
  • How emotional stress is a form of PTSD
  • The different types of mental disorders and the physiological issues that happen
  • Why is there an increase in depression and suicide over the years among all ages
  • What is suicidal ideation and what is going on in the brain from a medical perspective
  • How to help prescription medications more effective with nutrition along with nutrigenomic testing
  • How inflammation can carry over to the brain and what could help a person with overall inflammation that can trigger mental and health issues
  • Tips for better sleep and why Phase III sleep is key to good mental health

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