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The Teenage Girl Brain: Hormones, Challenges w/ PMS & How To Help Them During The Teen Years

What is actually going on with young girls and teen girls before, during and after puberty.

We discuss with Dr. Stewart the following:

  1. Why girls are developing earlier these days and why is that more common.
  2. Dr. Stewart discusses what POTS and PCOS is and why it is becoming more of a medical issue in teenage girls.
  3. Genetic differences in females and how that can lead to emotional imbalance or getting in to trouble more in the teenage years.
  4. Estrogen dominance and low progesterone a week before the menstrual cycle and what happens hormonally. Also, what nutrition can do to ease PMS symptoms.
  5. Why PMS is real biochemically and why their mood and emotions are off or are extremely volatile.
  6. The difference between girls and boys in the brain.
  7. How did the pandemic affect teenagers and how does COVID set off inflammation and what a parent can do.
  8. We discuss estrogen disruptors in our food and drinks and what that may cause.
  9. Is it safe to take nutrition products discussed without genetic testing?
  10. Why did many women lose hair after having COVID.
  11. Why the Women’s Genetic Health Panel would be good to have at any age to get ahead of knowing what issues may arise in your daughter or patient.

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