My family met with Dr. Stewart in his office and I have been using Dr. Stewart’s protocols for the last 8 weeks based on your fabulous podcasts and Dr. Stewart’s guidance. Just by listening to your podcasts and using the methodology and products I was able to eliminate 80% of my 7-year-old’s tics that he had developed. When we saw Dr. Stewart he said he could get him across the finish line. He is also helping my daughter with sadness, nervousness, and OCD, in addition to my mother and myself. We’ve done genetic panels on 8 of our family members so we are all in! Anyway, I wanted to tell you how much your podcasts and even how your website just over the last few months has really been wonderful. I tell everyone about the Coffee With Dr. Stewart podcasts and Dr. Stewart. I’m dedicated to learning more for my family! – Thankful Mom, Elizabeth G.